Our Services

A Northern Virginia Construction
Management & Cost Consulting Company

Establishing accurate budgets and maintaining project costs is one of the most challenging aspects of project development. KCM develops highly detailed estimates from inception of the project through completion of construction documents.

KCM employs trained quantity surveyors and estimators with project management experience. KCM exhibits the highest professional standards in estimating. Our process involves:

  • Analyze the drawings and creating a complete quantity survey necessary to conduct the project.
  • Review local labor practices and wage rates to develop appropriate production rates and unit costs.
  • Analyze the logistical constraints of the site to factor project specifics into pricing.
  • Develop the estimate by area, or by trade using the quantity survey and unit process developed.
  • Due to KCM’s role as a construction manager, we have the unique ability to stay current with market pricing because of its ongoing relationship with subcontractors.
  • KCM also maintains a proprietary database of project costs, and utilizes trade resources such as NECA, Walker’s Estimating, Richardsons, BNI, Means and Like References.

In addition to project costing, we provide value engineering, phasing studies, scheduling and constructability analysis. KCM personnel have backgrounds in general contracting, estimating, and construction management and bring together the experience of the general contractor with the accurate costing of professional estimating firms.

KCM manages commercial, institutional and residential projects. Since our construction managers are past executives of construction companies we have strong backgrounds in managing large and complex projects. With KCM acting as Owner’s Representative you get experience, extensive knowledge to the workings of contracting, and the excellence associated with KCM’s estimating department. All of KCM’s projects have been procured by referral. Types of project include:

  • Commercial Office Buildings and Headquarters
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Faith based institutions – Places of Worship, Educational Facilities
  • Performing Arts Spaces

Ted W. Kalriess, Principal, has been qualified as a construction cost expert. Mr. Kalriess combines construction contracting, engineering and costing backgrounds to offer our client’s the credibility required to mediate and successfully conclude litigation actions.

KCM’s focus on Litigation Support is in costing of construction defects and claims. The strength of our estimating procedures and practical construction experience are key factors to our success.

KCM has analyzed and testified on major construction proceedings across the nation. Projects include private residences, condominiums, and commercial buildings.